So I recently received a bunch of the new items from Almay and was stoked to try them since I had never used this brand before. Their big differentiator is that they are hypo-allergenic. I posted about it on my social media and got some positive feedback, so i wasted no time trying these!

First up is “The Complete Look” – I got two of the shades 1) Medium and 2) Medium/Dark.

As you can see, each kit contains 6 eyeshadows (some shimmery, some matte), a blush and 4 lip glosses. It also came with brushes, which unfortunately I did not like. I find that I rarely ever like the brushes that come in kits/palettes. What about you?

Here’s a close look at the Medium kit. I don’t mind the neutral colour palette, but found that some of the eyeshadows didn’t really show up on my skin. I also found this formula to be just a tad chalky. The lipglosses – actually, for both kits – did not impress me at all. The pigmentation wasn’t great and therefore very poor staying power.

The Medium/Dark kit showed up much better on my skin tone. I actually really liked these colours – especially #5 and #3. But like I said, the lipglosses were not at all impressive and I could do without the blush.

Then it was on to the Pen Eyeliner. Oh, boy! I was pleasantly surprised with these! Not only was the pigmentation very good, I am obsessed with the pen tip!

I love felt-tipped liquid eyeliner and immediately tried a cat eye using this. It glides on smooth with excellent pigmentation. The only downside? It’s not waterproof, so I had to re-apply since my eyes sometimes get teary in the winter time. I use this on my Natural Everyday Look tutorial here, if you want to see it in action.

So I am obsessed with these brow pencils. I have used the same Rimmel eyebrow pencil for YEARS along with Benefit’s brow products and haven’t felt the need to add another product to my brow lineup…. until I tried this one.

The shape of the pencil is what really sold me. It has a sharp tip, with a more blunt “other side”. It glides on soooo smoothly and it applies like powder on my brows. Another plus? I like that I don’t have to sharpen it! I can’t get enough of this one!

Have you tried any of these items? Did you have the same experience as I did? Let me know in the comments!

Disclosure: Not sponsored. PR samples. I am always 100% honest in my reviews.

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Almay 2017 Complete Look Palette + Pen Eyeliner + Brown Pencils Review
Overall, the brow pencils and the pen eyeliners were a huge hit and would highly recommend them! The brow pencils are new to my daily rotation. I wish the pen eyeliners were waterproof, but I can't deny how awesome the pen tip is for easy application. Unfortunately, the palettes get a pass from me. The pigmentation just isn't there for me and I wasn't a big fan of the slightly chalky consistency.
Almay Complete Look
Almay Pen Eyeliner
Almay Brow Pencil
3.4Overall Score
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