Adjusting To Life as a New Mom

Hello from the other side!

So, just a day after my last post, our baby decided it was his time for his arrival, a week early from his due date! If you want to hear about my Labour & Delivery, I uploaded the story on YouTube!

Pls consider subscribing – this is my first YT video in years and it’s not the best, but I really needed to just get it out there, otherwise I would never do it. Hence, why I went so many years without uploads! Really open to feedback on this, it’s pretty new (and scary) territory for me.

Anyway, it’s been almost 6 weeks now since I gave birth, and boy… life is so different. For one, I now know that I can function with very little sleep. Or… at least I think so. Everything I’ve read tells me that he should start sleeping for slightly longer periods now… and I am patiently waiting! (Moms, please tell me this is true) Also, and probably most importantly – I never knew I could love another human being this much!!!

I wanted to share a few photos from our first few days with him.


I snapped this photo a few hours after I gave birth. I woke up for a few minutes while resting and saw this… I had to take a pic to capture the moment. 


This was the morning after I gave birth! I love this photo because he just looks sooo little!


He was two weeks old here! Kyro’s first wedding – his outfit was a hit! (It’s from H&M)


We love this little family photo from our good friends’ wedding photo booth! Look at that expression on his face, ahhh!

As much as you prepare for the little one’s arrival, it’s really like nothing I have ever experienced or even imagined. To be brutally honest, before I had him, I always rolled my eyes whenever someone would tell me “You don’t understand cause you don’t have kids” and I would respond that sure, but I have a younger brother, sister and many cousins that I helped with when they were babies… so I wasn’t totally clueless, right? Well…let’s just say, I’m surprised nobody slapped me across the face hahaha


And this is us. Hair is a mess, eye bags, unruly brows, hadn’t showered and I smell like spit-up.

Real Life. I really wouldn’t have it any other way.

My life has basically turned upside down since giving birth. He’s the boss and my schedule revolves around him, which is kind of hilarious for someone with control issues! I am learning to let go and not to put so much pressure on myself, which is a big deal for me. Motherhood is teaching me so much and evolving me as a person, it’s pretty incredible. I am cherishing every little bit; I am all too aware on how quickly time flies!

Minutes before publishing this, one of our good friends sent me this post, Dear Pre-Mom Self: It’s Tie to Let You Go. It’s an excellent read and really resonated with me.

Can you relate? If you’re a Mom, I’d love to hear about your honest thoughts on adjusting during your first few weeks as a mom!

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