There’s only 24 days left in 2016! The year end blog posts, vlogs and photo albums have started to pop up already. The new year always brings a wave of “new year/new me” mind set… it always feels easier to stop a bad habit (or start a new one) when the whole world is re-starting with you. I actually wrote about my “Resolutions” in 2012 and again in 2013.

But, I wanted to share 5 Habits I am actively trying to stop – no need to wait for that clock to strike 12 on Dec 31. Be warned, though – I don’t like to sugar coat!

  • Stop judging other parents – The thing is, most people do it passively and don’t realize what they’re doing. But as a new parent, what may seem like an innocent comment stays with me all day long. Everyone’s baby is different and just because something didn’t work for your baby, it doesn’t mean it’s bad. I am so excited about being a new parent that I find I have to stop myself from sounding so judgemental, even when I don’t mean to!
  • Stop holding back compliments – This sounds like a funny one, but let me explain. I’ll see a stranger on the street and want to compliment them on something, she has the prettiest hair or a gorgeous lip colour, but I stop myself because I’m afraid I’ll come off as creepy. (haha) Stop that. Do it. Tell someone their hair is on point today. It might make their day! It’s also proven that it makes YOU happier whenever you pay someone a compliment, so go for it. I vow to be okay with seeming creepy! LOL
  • Stop the negative social media updates – We all do this. It may seem harmless at the time, but it honestly doesn’t help my well-being. It perpetuates this cycle of negativity – I complain, then someone validates my complain and sometimes it actually encourages me to complain even more. But… it doesn’t actually help solve a problem. (Okay, so there is an exception – tweeting the customer service of the brand and sometimes, they respond and solve the problem.) Try this: call a friend to rant instead!!
  • Stop flaking on people – Follow through. They say half the battle is showing up. I didn’t really understand that until I got older and had less time. With our constant connectivity, I find myself being okay with not seeing people. I mean, I know what’s going on in her life, I have her on Facebook! “Let’s hang out” has become a filler or a farewell in conversation or Instagram comments. It’s time to start following through. And if you really never intended to catch up with that person? Then don’t say you will. Chances are the feeling is mutual and they’re just being polite.
  • Stop one-upping people in conversation –  There’s a popular saying that the world is f/cked up because we listen to respond, not to understand. The crazy thing is, I think most people “one-up” in conversation by accident. For example, you’re talking about how your coworker is a drag… then I say, oh my gosh I have a coworker just like that! It might look like I’m one-upping you, but it’s really just my way of empathizing – letting you know that I totally get what you mean because I’ve gone through it too! Here’s a tip- Ask a question instead. When you feel like hijacking the story when there’s pause in conversation, ask a question about the story and the person you’re talking to will feel like you’ve listened. It’s great practice and has been very helpful with honing my listening skills.

Can you relate to any of these? Tell me I’m not alone! If you have any any habits you’d like to commit to stopping, please share in the comments! 

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