I finally had a chance to try out 5 Guys Burgers & Fries! I’ve heard some great things about this franchise and was super excited because I freakin’ love burgers! And a huge bonus is that there is a location that opened in Mississauga – South Common Mall to be exact! Pretty close to home – which might not be such a great thing, now that I think about it… hee hee.


The interior was nothing too special – it looked like what I expected. Very casual, diner-like burger joint with an open concept kitchen.


The cashier that took my order was very patient (I was staring at the menu for a while); she explained to me that the regular burgers were actually double patties already and that the “Little” ones were single patties.


The burgers are made to order and are guaranteed to have been never frozen. They also have a special bakery that makes all of the buns for the burgers and hot dogs. They have a little more than a dozen free toppings which include the usual ketchup, pickles, mayo… but some fancier ones like grilled mushrooms and A1 steak sauce. Such a bummer though, they didn’t have banana peppers, which is my favourite spicy burger/hotdog topping.


I opted for a Little Bacon Cheeseburger and large Cajun fries (I’m not really a fan of fries, but I love anything with cajun seasoning on it, so I just went for it) and a fountain drink (they have a self-serve area for drinks). My order came up to $14.77 – Yes, you read that right. Though it’s a tad pricey for just a burgers and fries meal, I thought it was pretty worth it – it was delicious. Juicy, cheesy, and served nice and hot.


A peek inside the bag: I could smell the cajun of the fries! Yum!


This is my meal! It was… gigantic. The Boyfriend, however, had no problems eating his regular Bacon Cheeseburger and fries. He also ate about half my fries and the last bit of my burger because I was struggling towards the end.

My recommendation for the ladies: do the “little” versions. They are still so filling. Or make sure you bring a friend who has a bigger appetite than you, so the yummy burgers and fries don’t go to waste! :)

This post was brought to you by the ample amount of fries that were left in the bag.

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  • I absolutely love Five Guys! Iʻm a fan of their fries as well (like you, any fries with that seasoning are guaranteed to be a favorite). The first time I accidentally ordered a regular cheeseburger to discover a double patty. It was insanely filling, and Iʻve since ordered the “little” burgers whenever I stop by.

    Your pictures are great, by the way. I seem to forget my camera on days that I head out to grab lunch at restaurants or diners; Iʻll have to take a cue from you and photograph such delicious food next time.

    • Hi Malia –

      Thank you!! Glad you liked them — I’m always in such a hurry when I take photos of the food cause I just wanna eat! Hehe.
      I’m trying to make it more of a habit to bring out my camera these days – it was severely neglected last year! A bit of a hastle since it’s a dslr and it really bulky, but I eat out far too often not to take pictures of at least some of my meals :)

      Thanks for stopping by!