I have been eating these on rotation all summer. Sooo so so good!

ZICO Chocolate Coconut Water

I love coconut. Everything coconut. All coconut everything. Coconut meat, milk, water and juice. (Growing up in the Philippines might have something to do with this…) Anyway, coconut water is a staple in our house and I prefer when it tastes like the real thing (some people prefer it to be more subtle). I’m picky when it comes to choosing my coconut water and trust me, there are some brands out there that taste like shit. So when I was very skeptical when I got this ZICO Chocolate-flavoured coconut water in the mail. What in the heck was it going to taste like?

Well, I’m glad I tasted it because I have been obsessed! It tastes like chocolate milk without the creaminess. Instead, it’s replaced with a refreshing taste of coconut water. (If you’re unfamiliar, coconut water is the coconut juice inside a young coconut. Very different from coconut milk.) It’s hard to explain, but it totally curbs my chocolatey cravings and it is super refreshing. I’ve seen other flavoured coconut water since and I’m actually curious. Have you tried any and did you like it? Let me know in the comments!


Roasted Seaweed Snacks

Talk about addictive! I don’t have a favourite brand because they all taste really similar. As long as there’s a little salt, I can pretty much eat any brand. You can buy them at any high-end grocery stores or Asian markets and they come in different sizes. I like to buy the ones in individual little boxes so I can portion control myself (but let’s be honest, I end up eating like 3 of them anyway.) These are easy to carry in your purse, taste delicious (if you like seaweed – it’s an acquired taste!) and so good for you! Let me know if there’s a brand I should try! I’m always stocked up on these.


Katy Perry’s Pop Chips

I’m a big fan of Pop Chips – the tortilla line is amazing with guacamole – so when they sent me the newest flavour, I was excited! They taste like kettle corn chips and if I’m being honest, a little more sweet than salty. I like to sneak mine into the movie theatre and snack on them instead theatre popcorn (don’t judge me!).

What have you been addicted to this summer? Share!

Disclosure: ZICO Coconut Water and POP Chips were both sent to me by their PR agencies. As always, that doesn’t change my opinion about them! Just so glad I discovered them :)

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  • nikky charlene

    Yumm! seaweed my favourite low calorie snack :) I would love to try Zico chocolate coconut water, it sounds interesting. Do you know where I could get it? hehe would love to try it :D

    xoxo, charlene

    • Try Wal-Mart, Whole Foods or Shoppers Drug Mart (if you’re in Canada!) I’ve seen the regular flavour at a lot of other stores too, but not the chocolate. I hope you find it!! It’s seriously amazing.

  • Paige Mangialardi

    I need to try all of these! I’m a coconut girl too – lotion, shampoo, body scrubs too. One giant coconut! Can you find those seaweed snacks at Whole Foods? Have you tried any of those chips made from black beans?

    • Yes! I haven’t bought them there in awhile, but I know for a fact Whole Foods has seaweed snacks! And no I haven’t tried black bean chips yet. Sounds interesting though.

  • Jeannie

    I have to try the popchips kettle corn, but heard it’s REALLY good. Okay…now you have me super craving it!

    • Hehe they are addictive!! I’ve had to stop buying the big bags because then I end up finishing the whole thing lol