Last year, instead of only having a list of goals for the year like I usually do, I decided to challenge myself every month. My goal was not to pass or fail. Instead, I used the Challenges as a catalyst to get me to think about myself in a different way. You can click here to view the challenges.

You know how they say that in order to find the right answers, you must as the right questions? (They really say that, right? I didn’t make this up?)

Anyway, these challenges definitely helped me look for the right questions. In that sense, the Challenges were a success because I feel that 2012 has allowed me to grow as a person far more than any other time in my life. I know it sounds cheesy, but for once in my life I feel at complete peace. I learned to accept. I really, in every sense of the phrase – grew up.

But did I really do all 12 challenges? Errr… no. In that sense, the Challenges were unsuccessful. (Once again proving to myself that “I put it out there and now I HAVE to do it” still does not ever work for me.)

I realized as realistic as my challenges were, it was unrealistic for me to think that a goal I set up in January would still be relevant to me in October. Or that one month was enough for me to elicit a behavioural change. (Was I setting myself up for failure?)

So this year, I want to be more agile in my planning but to make the transition from each challenge smoother. Solution? I’ll be setting up my monthly goals Quarterly AND I’ll be choosing what to do for the next quarter right before it starts :) 

Here’s what I’ve got so far for January, February & March.


  • BE ORGANIZED | I’m one of those “everything colour coded” type of people so this one isn’t about daily organization. This is organizing on a higher level. I’ve got big things on the horizon this year for me and I think it is crucial that I’ve got my shit together (think paperwork). Oh, we also started Wedding planning!
  • LESS EATING OUT | In the same theme of keeping my shit together is budgeting. One way to help me out is decreasing how many times a week I eat out. I also get to cook more, eat healthier, and stay home more so this one is a win-win-win-win :)
  • REMEMBER TO SLEEP | This is an ongoing problem with me! I am getting more serious about going to bed at an earlier time (typically, I go to bed around 3 AM, which is terrible) and allocating time on the weekends to sleep in and relax more.
  • 2-A-DAY CARDIO 4-5X/WK | Pretty self explanatory! I’ve got to say, I am loving this one so far. We are 11 days in the year and so far so good :) I am attempting to shock my metabolism and body into a higher gear and I think it’s working!

What do you think? Which approach do you think would work better for you?

Credit: Bokeh texture photo from Deviant Art.

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