It’s been 7 days in and I can’t hide how happy I’ve been with this year. Things haven’t exactly been perfect, but I’ve been in the most positive mood. Here’s how my first 7 days of 2013 have been:

I spent New Years Eve with my family, getting hammered and making fools out of ourselves as we usually do on NYE (no pictures of that mess lol)

Then woke up the next morning to help my Mom clean the house and take down the Christmas tree. And then my Mom cooked us a little Filipino feast:


Longanisa (cured sausages), tosino (cured pork), fresh tomatoes, garlic fried rice, fried smelts with spicy vinegar and chop suey (not pictured). And for dessert, we had leche plan and cassava cake. And she also baked a shitload of banana bread for us to take home. BEST MOM EVER, RIGHT? The rest of the day was spent just hanging out with my siblings, which is one of my favourite things to do in life.

Oh and cuddling with this little cutie! He gets super spoiled with cuddles when we’re around :)


On Jan 2nd, I went to lunch with my BFF and we had sushi at Koja Sushi in Liberty Village where they use purple rice instead of white (Stay tuned for the review of this yummy Bite!)


We finally got to catch up after not seeing each other for awhile (slaves to the busy schedules) and it made me so happy.

Then I hit up the gym – NOTE TO SELF: NEVER GYM AFTER SUSHI.

On Jan 3rd, I woke up sick as a dog – no voice, incessant coughing and annoying throat-clearing. Had to cancel our dinner plans, but I got to stay home, get some work done and play some video games. Not a bad sick day at all :)

On Jan 4th, I again started my day at the gym, had date night and then we met up with some friends for a super spontaneous night of mischief (not pictured lol).


On Saturday, I happily had a quiet day at home cleaning and doing laundry (I know, it’s very Stepford Wives of me) and finished up this blog :)

And yesterday, we went going to the Wedluxe Bridal Show so we can get started on wedding planning! Check out this BEAUTIFUL setting:


And today, I woke up super sick and it was also my first day officially back at work (so that was a challenge). On the bright side, I got to launch this blog – and so far the support has been awesome! Whew!!! What a week!

How has your 2013 been? 

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  • 2013’s been quiet so far, as expected. The Twitterati and Tweeples lick their wounds from partying so hard in 2012 as they look over resolutions and try to figure out what they’ll do next. Everyone’s finally making their way back to their day jobs and “back to life, back to reality” as Soul II Soul once put it. I’m busy trying to accomplish 100 things this year — — it keeps things interesting.

    I guess so far, 2013 has been much like 2012, but it still has 357.5 days to make itself stand apart, so I’m not TOO worried yet :)

    • Um your list is amazing! Just commented on your post.

      I wish I had some “hard partying” to lick my wounds from! Instead I’m trying to get rid of a cold now. Whomp whomp lol

      • Got you beat — I’m re-writing my post on it to go up later in the week, but I’m battling a case of Bell’s Palsy. I rang in the New Year with the entire left side of my face not responding. Scary stuff!

        But, improving! Hoping to be free of it by end of this week or mid-next week if I’m lucky!

        • Your optimism is inspiring, Casey! Hope everything goes well for you!!

  • Curious to get your take on whether the rice change invoked a significant taste difference in the roll.

    • I really liked the rice change. Not much difference in taste (because rice is quite bland) but the texture was different. More… sticky (and that’s a good thing to me!)

  • you’re adorable! and what is that table about?! LOVE

    • KAY!!!!! Seeing you comment made my day.

      The table was a showpiece at the show – perfectly styled! I have more pics of it I’ll post on the Review post in a few days!